Cosmos (ATOM): Why It’s a Crypto Gamechanger?

Cosmos, ATOM’s out of this world. Here you see all details of why it’s a unique crypto project.

If I ask you what the most important cryptocurrencies are, what would you say? You probably say Bitcoin because of its ability to store and transfer value in a trustless manner. You might mention is Ethereum (ETH) too, because of its role as one of the world computers that will power the new decentralized internet. Maybe you’d even say Chainlink (LINK) because it is the data oracle that gives blockchain applications real-world utility. However, something tells me that you would forget to mention Cosmos (ATOM) a cryptocurrency project that is becoming the backbone for interoperability between all cryptocurrency blockchains. Not only that but some of the largest cryptocurrencies by market cap were built using the Cosmos SDK including BNB and Terra (LUNA).

Despite the hundreds of billions of market cap Cosmos has created ATOM’s price has remained fairly flat over the last few months. Could this be a sign that Cosmos is about to go into stellar? Today I intend to find out.


Cosmos Recap

If Cosmos is a foreign cryptocurrency for you, here’s the brief broke down. Cosmos was created by a Californian Software Company called All in Bits Inc (AiB), which is commonly referred to as Tendermint Inc.

Tendermint Inc. was founded in January 2014 by Cornell computer scientists Jae Kwon who also co-authored the Cosmos white paper in 2016.

In 2017, Jae Kwon founded the Interchain Foundation a Swiss nonprofit, which hosted the ICO for the ATOM coin that raised over 17 million dollars later that year.

Tendermint Inc. was commissioned by the Interchain Foundation to develop the Cosmos mainnet which launched in March 2019.

Today, there are almost twenty companies working on the Cosmos Network. At the conceptual level, you can think of the Cosmos Network as being a collection of cryptocurrency blockchains. Read More…

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