DOCK, Top Polkadot Project Will Be Revolution: Credential of Blockchain

DOCK project is one of the top projects of the Polkadot ecosystem and aims to provide credentials

The Polkadot ecosystem has been exploding since its mainnet relaychain was first launched in May of 2020. Polkadot is now on track to launch several parachains in 2021.

In this post, we break down DOCK and its capabilities, what it can offer the crypto-verse and if it will be the killer platform the Polkadot has been waiting for.


What Is DOCK and How Does It Work?

DOCK is a project that seeks to allow companies and developers to issue verifiable credentials secured by blockchain technology.

The team has its eyes focused on supply chains and health records, but they said in a recent interview with that their blockchain can handle any type of digital document.

The team further added that their blockchain can handle professional accreditations, academic degrees, workforce credentials, licenses, and much more.

So you might be thinking what’s so special about storing documents. But what you don’t know is that the blockchain can revolutionize the license verification industry, which currently is extremely manual, and time-consuming. Read More…

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