Cardano’s Next 30 Days 4X Scenarios

Don’t miss ADA this time. Possible 4X and more is on the way.

It’s finally here. The date when Cardano becomes a fully functioning smart contract platform. In this article, we’ll talk about the upcoming Alonzo mainnet heart fork.

First, we’ll talk about the exact date when the main net goes live, and then we’ll look at some possible price scenarios for the next few weeks.

Of course, none of this is financial advice, and you should only invest money that you can afford to lose.

When Is The Exact Date For Alonzo?

Recently Irish cape made the announcement in their Goguen Alonzo development update. So let’s share the projected date for the mainnet hard-fought when we deploy pluto’s capability on Cardano.

They say:

“Once we’ve hard fought the test net it gives us this period of stability where we can test it and also our exchanges can test it. As our exchanges are testing it. We’ll have our smart contract exercises running on it. And our various community members also using it. And then we have to make sure that we’re ready. And we’ll submit a proposal for our mainnet Hard Fork and we will also package it up with our police application back end. So that we can have a complete smart contract release ready for people to use our full smart contract toolbox, ready for the Alonzo Hard Fork and this is the date that we’re aiming. At monday september 12th.”

Monday, September the 12th. That’s what they said. That’s when the Alonzo main net finally goes live.


Now I see two possible scenarios here;

One is that this is a kind of buy the hype sell-the-new scenario where the price will skyrocket until September 12th or until like just a day or two before that. And then after that, it will get a correction. It will come down a bit before all those smart contracts are finally running on top of it and finally using Cardano. So this is the first scenario.

The second is that it will stay calm for a little longer, so it will stay at this level where it is now. So the price will stay calm there. And then it will really take off after the maintenance has launched.

Personally, I think the first scenario is more likely to happen because this usually happens with Hard Forks or with big events. So we’ll look at two other Hard Forks.

One is the Mary Hard Fork that has happened on Cardano a few months ago, and then we’ll also look at the Alonzo Hard Fork that has just happened on Ethereum a few days ago.

So we’ll compare those two, and we’ll see what could happen with the price in the next few weeks.

Price Scenarios

Mary Hard Fork scenario(8.00 USD)

First, look at the Mary Hard Fork, which was on March 1st. All right here we have it march 1st, and the price there was at about 1.30 us dollars. So the highest it went was almost 1.50- 1.49 usd. And that was on February 27th. Read More…

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