Why You Should Own At Least 1000 POLYGON (Matic) Tokens

Why you should own at least 1000 Matic tokens most. Crypto experts who are conversant with trends know that the coin market now presents a window of opportunity to invest in some altcoins, including Polygon Matic.

Suppose you’re looking for crypto under two dollars to buy in bulk. Then, I come bearing great news. Because this article is about one of such, I’ll show you why Matic token should be part of your investment profile.

This article will find how Bitcoin price movement affects Matic, Polygons upcoming project, Matic price predictions. In addition, you might find resources explaining why Matic is the next token to buy but with no substance on what backs their claim.

Today it is not hard to keep track of important crypto news. However, getting information that will help in making sound investment decisions seems to be a very difficult task.

There are lots of resources out there that purport to help an average crypto enthusiast. Still, they end up confusing them the more or offer them no relevant tip as to navigate the coin market’s uncertainties.

What is the Polygon blockchain?

Polygon is, without a doubt, one of the hottest cryptos at the moment. The price of a Polygon token is up over 100% on the day. Despite this, its prices are still below two dollars, and the market cap is still less than 15 billion dollars on a fully diluted basis.

This is to say that although Polygon prices are flying right now. You haven’t missed the train on this one. This is a very technologically curious token with massive potentials. As far as the best crypto goes, Polygon leads the pack and here is why.

Polygon is ranked 16th on the coin market caps market with a market cap of over seven billion dollars. Polygon is both a protocol and a framework for building and linking Ethereum compatible blockchain networks.

The open-source technology offers developers tools to promptly deploy a standalone network or a secure sidechain that can optionally rely on the security of the Ethereum network through smart contracts.

While Bitcoin and Ethereum remain the widest known blockchains, they aren’t perfect platforms; they both have their shortcomings, and one of them is high transaction fees due to congestion.

They aren’t built for the type of traffic they are currently seeing. The founders of Polygon had this problem in mind while building their platform. So it was designed to eliminate the problem by using what is known as sidechains.

Here is the concept of side chains they are blockchains that are separated from but compatible with Ethereum. They exist to improve scalability and create alternative outlets for transactions. Read More…

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