Gero Wallet (GERO): Cardano’s DeFi Project. Explained Along With Charli3, SoMee, DeFinity & CardStarter (CARD) Projects

Cardano ecosystem is growing very fast and adding many new useful tools. Gero Wallet, DeFinity, and CardStarters projects will explode in 2021.

One of the hottest sales just happened before the bloodbath of all blood baths in crypto.


The IDO of Gero Wallet went absolutely parabolic at one point hitting $130 million dollars in volume in just 24 hours.

With a price going as high as 95 cents from the launch. Find out why Gero Wallet is such a hard project why it’s big for the Cardano ecosystem, let’s get it.

In this publishing, we’re going to be talking about the newest Cardano gem destined to crush the market Gero Wallet. Gero Wallet is an all-in-one DeFi app designed to be a powerful tool for experienced new users alike.

Gero Wallet delivers a quality UX by focusing on a user-centric design. It’s the first Cardano Wallet to launch a built-in multifunctional tool kit, hosting inner chain, and cross-chain swapping with liquidity lock features.

The Gero Team

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