Internet Computer (ICP): Biggest Launch of 2021?

A new crypto project appears on the top 10 Coinmarketcap. What’s The Internet Computer and why sharply jumped among top 10?

Did you know that cryptocurrencies aren’t actually decentralized? This is because the internet we use today is controlled by a handful of tech giants that all crypto projects rely on for storage computing, and front-end user interfaces like mobile apps, and websites.

At any time, these tech giants could collude to bar crypto companies from using their services, which could crush the crypto market in an instant. The Internet Computer hopes to be the solution to this subtle scent realization problem by creating a brand new decentralized internet. Its ICP token recently appeared among the top 10 largest cryptocurrencies by market cap the other week and this has left many wondering what this project is really all about and if it has any potential. Today, I intend to find out.


Important Note:

This content created by converting from Coin Bureau’s “Internet Computer (ICP): BIGGEST Launch of 2021?” video after asking for sharing permissions. You may reach the original video via the link.

What is The Internet Computer?

The history of The Internet Computer is a bit confusing, but here’s more or less how it came to be. The internet computer was founded by Dominic Williams in either 2014, 2015, or 2016. Dominic is a computer scientist with over 20 years of experience and has been active in crypto since 2014.

When The Internet Computer was founded, it was known as Dfinity and it sought to take Ethereum’s world computer idea to the next level by becoming well The Internet Computer.

The interesting thing about The Internet Computer is that, unlike other smart contract cryptocurrencies. The Internet Computer aims to replace the entire internet stack, not just the application layer. Read More…

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