Telcoin (TEL) Is One of The Most Gainers In 2021. Let’s Review

Telcoin focuses on sending money to peer-to-peer users via smartphones and provides unbanking yourself.

Telcoin was part of the flock of ICO’s back in 2017. It came to the market with the unique use case, letting people send payments from their phones, but their governance token TEL was based on the still unproven and volatile Ethereum network.

They also were partnering with legacy telecom operators to facilitate adoption and act as stakers. Hence the name Telcoin, but fast forward to 2021 and you’ll see the landscape is much different. Ethereum is no longer a wonky token making big promises, payments via smartphones are happening all the time. So, has Telcoin missed its calling? Not exactly.

In this post, I’m going to take a deep dive into Telcoin (TEL) show you how it can find its legs, and help you dial in some big games.


How Does One Sending Money?

Western Union has been the de facto method of sending money since before people had dishwashers and the need for sending money over long distances is exploded as the telephone started connecting far corners of our spaceship Earth.

Fast forward to 2016 and sending money over telephone lines, be it landlines are wireless carriers are extremely commonplace, and using services like wire transfers has become very cumbersome. Read More…

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