Travala (AVA): Blockchain-Based, Binance Backed, Hotel & Flight Booking Project.

Frequently traveling and spending a lot of money, but there are no rewards, no extra discounts, no extra advantages without chain hotels or big booking websites.

Following news that there will be a vaccine, airlines stocks shot through the roof. However, one little-known cryptocurrency involved in the travel industry didn’t seem to see the same effects, yet. But in a completed bull market with hyperbolic altcoin season left from the door, cryptocurrencies set to take the travel industry by storm. During ongoing bear season, the AVA coin is best for investment or use in referred cases below.

The project we’re talking about today is one of the pioneers in the travel niche, and its token could be preparing for a trip soon itself. Traveling to the moon that hops in the spaceship.

I am going to explain Travala and its token AVA. It’s one of Binance’s babies and was even a travel giant before deciding to jump into the cryptocurrency scene and they are way better than that annoying Trivago or similar competitors in the sector.

You may sign up and earn $25 reward once receive confirmation and your friends pay at least $200 for accommodation in 90 days after sign up by using your code.


What’s Travala & How Does It Work?

Travala is founded by Juan Otero and Steve Hipwell in 2017. Juan, with a wealth of experience in some of the largest tech companies in the world including Oracle and, Juan is responsible for overseeing and driving all operations, business activities, and resources and for ensuring that all corporate decisions align with the overall strategy and mission.

As to Steve, with over 10 years of experience in the online travel space, Steve is responsible for managing’s day-to-day business operations.  Read More…

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