Best Free Crypto Wallets! Top 5 Safest Picks

If you are looking for the best free crypto wallets, I merged them for you.

Are you just dipping your toes into those crypto waters? If so, I have to let you know about the one tired yet undeniable truth. “Not your keys, not your crypto.”

Taking self custody of your coins is the ultimate form of control, you can have over your financial freedom. Therefore, choosing the right wallet is perhaps one of the most important decisions you have to make. Not only does it have to be super secure, but you have to ensure it’s user-friendly and functional too and also completely free.

But, what free what it’s should you consider. In this post, I’ll be telling you about my favorite five free crypto wallets, comparing them side by side, and going over the pros and cons of each. Also, I’ll share a few top-notch crypto storage tips. So you definitely want to stick around for those pearls of wisdom.

Disclaimer: All the content converted from Coin Bureau’s “BEST FREE Crypto Wallets! Top 5 Safest Picks!” video after getting the whole permissions.

Why Use A Crypto Wallet?

Before I tell you about my favorite free crypto wallets, I need to explain why you need one in the first place. If that’s something and you already know then feel free to skip ahead to my picks.

Now most crypto, newbies simply deposit those dollars pounds, or euros on a crypto exchange like Coinbase by that crypto and leave it there.

Sure that’s convenient and most people frankly do not know any better. Here’s the issue with that. If you keep that crypto on that exchange, you are essentially giving up the ownership and control of your coins and tokens. That’s because they hold private keys.

So you’re left in a position where you basically owned an IOU from a crypto exchange. Now that’s not so much of an issue if you’ve done your research and know that you’re using a credible exchange. However, many people hold their coins on exchanges they simply know nothing about and wonder how they’ve got so unlucky when an exchange exit scams.

Even if you fully trust that crypto exchange, there are still issues. I mean exchanges storing vast, amounts of crypto are pretty natural targets for nefarious hackers. If that were to happen, you could literally lose all your crypto overnight and that is the sort of nightmare I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Read More…

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