Arweave: Why It’s So Exciting! AR Potential

Who controls the past controls the future this is one of the many memorable lines from 1984 George Orwell’s famous dystopian novel and it’s a quote that’s especially relevant today the internet has made the world’s information accessible at the click of a button but this information is currently stored and curated by a handful of centralized parties be they tech giants or governments this makes it possible for these parties to control the past and this, in turn, gives them the ability to control the future Arweaveave is a cryptocurrency project that aims to store data in a decentralized and permanent way to make it impossible for any centralized party to have this level of control over humanity’s history today i’m going to explain what Arweave this how it works i’ll go over the tokenomics and price potential of the AR coin and tell you why i think our weave could be one of the most powerful projects in cryptocurrency. Read More…

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