Telos (TLOS): Let’s Create A Bag To Become Millionaire

I prepared my new gem coin bag to become a millionaire for you.


In today’s post, I want to look at a coin called Telos. I already wrote a post about this coin in the past and this post is all about recap and sees it is still a possibility to reach my price prediction or not. Also, I found a really interesting chart on the internet I want to walk you through and I want to compare with a few other project and see what are the possibility out there.


The coin that we are going to be looking called Telos, I already made wrote about this coin, and if you look at the token comic vise. They have a circulation supply of around 355 million coins. Look at the price was about 22 cents the very first time when I made this post is about 78 cents per coin so the price already dropped a little bit. Almost 3x gained so far.

People might say price drop they might even panic if you are new to the industry. But if you are already a very expert and you know that is always happen market will crash price will drop and that is the opportunity more majority of them take. You know people normally buy the dip and then they keep on average they cost right and that is what I normally do. But I also want you to think about when you actually bought at a higher price don’t panic and nothing you have you have to keep on buy, if you believe on that coin again it’s not financing advice end of the day it is your call you need to make your belief what you want to do in future.


Normally if you invest in stock or any other place it’s not going to get you returned like 10x and 100x and so on. You know in normal stock you probably can’t get maybe 2x — 3x that also can take so long and you have to invest in the right thing right. But when we talk about cryptocurrency it is also high risk. People might think 10x but then two days later it might be dropped back all the way to zero as well, so you are never able to predict it because this is mainly controlled by manipulation as well. Because if wrong news came crash it can crash as well. So that’s what you have to consider all the time but in this coin, I think the price of 22 cents I feel like is undervalued I keep on buying to average my course.

What actually this project do I already wrote a post about this project in detail so you can go and check them up in my post list but to give you a quick word about this project it is a fast killable decentralized finance now you have so many advantages and disadvantage and also the people in real-world who are using well-known one company also trying to use as well, for example, Microsoft and so on.

But now if you look at the advantage wise it’s more energy efficient you know more than 10,000 transactions per second and you can name it like there are so many things so you can go and check on the website as well.

Road Map

The roadmap starts with Telos Decide and follows Telos Wallet, dStar, Telos EVM, Telos Private, Telos ID, and Telos Location. I’m interested in Telos ID, its goals are similar to Litentry (LIT).

“Telos ID is an identity solution that combines two large needs for identity: first, it will help determine and rate the uniqueness of an individual’s accounts identity, second, it will allow a user to have others verify necessary information about them without leaking any additional information that the user does not specify. Ensuring an uniqueness of identity — meaning each real individual can reliably only have one — is crucial for both voting and UBI solutions. This supports the Telos vision for revolutionizing blockchain governance and providing a platform for universal basic income solutions. Allowing a user to provide specific information to an employer, landlord, or anyone, and have only that information verified, with no additional data leakage is an important privacy solution. Telos ID will be the first blockchain identity solution to address both of these needs.”

Compare With Competitors

I want to compare with a few other projects which I already made on my original post using this chart where what are the differences and what why this coin can be a bigger coin in the future right now I found another chart on Twitter so I want to compare that rather than the one I did. If I want to look at that I want to give a shout-out to David Frigero, who is the original poster actually done this uh a chart, but the credit goes to him I’m gonna use this one to give you some explanation.

If you look at the Telos, and it is 60 million at the time that he made this thing it’s almost quite similar right now as well. Comparing with other projects there are so many projects in this list I will record on my account, for example, heather is a 100 million market cap, which is 2x from what we have with the Telos.

Another example is Harmony (ONE) which is one it’s about 1 billion 20x from now. Tron (TRX) 505 billion which is 100x, EOS 6 billion 120x Polygon 10 billion 200x, Polkadot (DOT) 23 billion 500x, Cardano (ADA) 60 billion 1200x now.

Most of the coins in this list I already covered in my channel as well you can go and check on my post list but let’s see what is the possibility actually this coin can reach up to. I think personally it can go up to a 6 billion market cap. This could take a few years maybe maybe maybe say less next bull run at the moment we probably gonna enter either bull run or bear run, but I think maybe next one maybe we might be able to reach the six-period or even before that we might even reach to six billion if that actually happened we are talking about 120x from right now.

I think the original post I mentioned around 125 now let’s keep it as a 120x from now, so that is what I think it is possible for this coin to reach 200x from now, and it actually that happened let’s also do some calculation as well.

How many coins do you actually need in order to be a millionaire with this coin? We know that 120x probably we are talking about so let’s put this number and time by 120 and see how much per coin first and then using that then we can decide how many coins we might need it.


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