How to Retire on Ethereum by 2030?

This article will cover how much investment you will make in Ethereum today will make you retire in 2030 by considering different cities and living conditions.

Have you ever wondered how much Ethereum you would need to retire? Probably, because you’re reading this article. But this simple question is a lot more complicated than most people assume. Because it’s easy to come up with some random prediction and say ‘’ETH is going to a million, and you only need two of them to retire.’’, but it’s much harder to get a realistic estimate that isn’t overhyped. That’s why today we’ll be looking at exactly how much Ethereum you need to retire by 2030. We will use different methods to predict ETH prices and how much you would need in specific countries. And we’ll go through how to calculate it in your own country.

How much is ETH required to retire today?

Before we get into a price estimate for ETH in 2030, let’s first look at how much ETH is required to retire today. The first thing we need to think about is how much you need to retire? So let’s look at the monthly income in the UK and the USA. We’re just going to pick two of the most expensive cities because they’re the most extreme examples.

So this is for a single person living in New York or living in London. So the rent would be around three $3,000 for a one-bedroom flat in the city center — the same thing is around $2,100-$2,200 for the UK. And the cost of living is about the same at approximately $1,100. So in total, the cost of living is around $4,100 for Newyork, which is one of the most expensive cities in the entire world. And the same is true for London, but it’s a lot cheaper at $3,200.

So now that we have the cost of living, it’s important to figure out how much you need per year. So to get that, you would multiply by 12, which gives us $39,600 for the UK and $49,200 for the USA. But then, to see how much Ethereum you need, you need to multiply that number by 20. The reason is that the amount you’re going to retire on will be the amount that you get as a stake in reward from staking Ethereum because you’re holding it long-term for retirement. So you’re not just speculating on it. We’re going to say that the average price, even though it could be a lot higher right now. We’ll say that the average price is going to be around 5%.
So if that’s true, we need 20 times the amount in any one year. So that’s why you multiply by 20.

That gives us a total of needing $792,000 in the UK today to retire valued in Ethereum, which would be 249.6 Ethereum at 3.1 k per ETH. And around $984k in New York, which would be around 310 ETH.

And, of course, this sounds like a lot. However, you must remember that if you invested in Ethereum only a year ago, you need a lot less ETH today to retire, and you would have been able to retire on probably around $31,000 retire today.
So what’s going to happen is that by 2030 people are going to look back and say, “You only need 50 or 100 ETHs to retire then, but that’s going to be a much higher price today. So that’s why investing in Ethereum has been a good idea because, of course, the price has generally risen over time, and we can only assume that that will happen until that stops.

What could Ethereum be valued at in 2030?

So now, let’s look at what Ethereum could be valued at in 2030? So the first method we’re going to use is looking at Ethereum’s price or Ethereum’s market cap as a percentage of Bitcoin’s market cap. So first, we have to estimate what Bitcoin’s market cap will be by 2030. Many estimate that Bitcoin will reach 1 million, it’ll reach 5 million, but it may hit these targets. Read More…

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