Cardano Price Prediction: How High Will ADA Go? How Much Cardano (ADA) Do You Need To Be a Millionaire?

Cardano has had an explosive 2021 so far. And it’s amazing that ADA. It started the year at only 18 cents and since then has increased to around three dollars, which is an explosive 1500 percent increase.

Now I make all kinds of articles, but I enjoy a good old price prediction from time to time. Now obviously, no one knows where the price will ultimately land. But from time to time, it’s good to have some fun looking at past performance, the fundamentals, and trying to speculate where the price will land.

So in this article, we’ll be looking at first up the methodology for this price predictionThe price trap. And why the actual price of the assets is irrelevant. We’ll then make the ADA price prediction for 2021. And then we’ll finish with a bit of a bonus. You ever wondered how rich the founder of Cardano is. And at the end, I’ll reveal just how much money Charles Hoskinson has.

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Okay, so there are many different ways to predict a price. Now, this could be what’s in its current pipeline. It could be its current trajectory. It could be based on its network effect. I will be basing this price prediction on the stock-to-flow model as it’s been the best model for predicting crypto prices since inception. Okay, ready for some speculation. Let’s do this.

Cardano Price Predictions 2021

And so this is the stock-to-flow model. Made famous by plan b. And this is, in fact, the bitcoin price since inception, but it’s also a great proxy for the crypto market. As when bitcoin rallies, the crypto market rallies when bitcoin crashes the crypto market crashes. And this has been one of the best predictors of price since inception. And one of the key things to look at is this blue line going through the middle as this is the average price. So what happens is in these huge run-ups, it goes way above the average, and it has to revert to the mean so it’ll crash below. And over the years, it’s pretty much gone above the average back down. And so what is stock to flow predicting right now.

Well, it’s indicating that the bitcoin price by the end of the year, so by Christmas time, that bitcoin will be close to a hundred thousand dollars. And so this means that we are going to see some big moves and that Bitcoin price has to at least double from here. So this is a 2x.

The Price Trap

Now, because ADA is an altcoin, they typically outperform upside, but they also outperform back down to the downside. So I think it’s fair to give another multiple up from bitcoin. So let’s say a 3x, so this would provide an ADA price by the end of the year of six dollars and nine dollars.

So stock to flow predicts that bitcoin will be hitting a hundred thousand dollars by the end of the year, which that in itself is pretty awesome, and it also means we’re going to see some big moves coming.

And being an altcoin, it does mean ADA will likely continue to outperform Bitcoin to the upside. So if Bitcoin’s going to double, it does mean ADA will at least keep pace or exceed. So this would give a price target of between six dollars and nine dollars.

Now, you may have seen some other Cardano price prediction articles that have said that ADA’s going to 50x 100x even 150x. Read More…

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