Ethereum NFTs Pumped, so Why Cardano NFTs (aka cNFT) Not?

Punks, Hashmasks, Bored Ape, and more. All the NFTs that launched earlier on Ethereum are pumped, so where is Cardano in that market?

Just imagine getting Bored Ape crypto punk in the first few days after launch with those NFTs and not having price floors in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. It would have been a wonderful trade, and you don’t like a bit of history as well.

The very early days for NFTs on Ethereum have been and göne, even new drops are coming in with price floors of 1 or 2 ETH. But that’s not the case on Cardano on Cardano knows right now. It’s like the very early days of NFTs On Ethereum. Cardano is at the very start of its NFT journey, with the first marketplaces and NFT projects coming online right now.

The first projects are already seeing daily increases in interest, and even prices are on the up, and I’ve got the data to prove it.

In this post, I’m going to show you how to get into the brand-new NFT ecosystem on Cardano, what that’s to use the best marketplaces ways to buy and trade Cardano cNFT, how to get set up, and then show you some really cool projects they may have some big potential to grow and become history just like some have done on Ethereum.

Cardano NFTs

Firstly, we come to how NFTs are treated on Cardano. It’s important to know the basics is it can give you an idea of how the ecosystem may grow.

Cardano, unlike Ethereum, has the ability to natively mint assets on its ledger. Ethereum tokens and NFTs are made by creating a smart contract. The two main token standards are called ERC20 fungible tokens and ERC721 for NFTs.

Cardano, though, doesn’t have these token standards, because NFTs just like other types of the coin are directly minted on the Cardano ledger. Developers will tell you they can potentially integrate NFTs and other tokens more easily into other types of smart contracts, which could mean the ecosystem may grow fast as the developers can simply more easily integrate them into games or other types of dApps. Read More…

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