Cardano ADA Jumps One Step Closer To 5 USD

We have some massive updates with Cardano ADA and their Alonzo Hard Fork. This brings all sorts of exciting things to the platform like DEX, DeFi, and a million uses for smart contracts.

If you hold ada or you’ve been thinking about getting in as an investment, you’ll want to make sure that you are aware of the latest and greatest news.

Recent Market Cap

The last weeks for ada really the last two months, have been historic. Going from a low about one dollar to just under three dollars is insane. Especially for a project as large as this is, and now it’s the third-largest cryptocurrency.

A lot of this momentum has been due to their upcoming Hard Fork, the Alonzo Hard Fork. This really places Cardano on the map because it means Cardano will be able to do basically everything ethereum can do and more but do it for far cheaper.

İt is very likely that it will get cheaper in the future, more cost-effective to facilitate transactions on Cardano. I mean, you can already buy an nft on Cardano for a fraction of one ADA.

No hate ethereum, though. I like the project, and I hold some. I just think that this is a huge advantage to Cardano, at least until ethereum transitions to proof of stake, but we’re not sure exactly when that will happen.

So there are two big dates when it comes to the Hard Fork event on Cardano and smart contracts and DeFi and all these exciting things.


The first date was September 1st, the day that smart contracts are set to go live on the test now the day.

And then the next big date is September 12th. The day that smart contracts are scheduled to be live everywhere. Meaning you can actually like fiddle with one of these smart contracts. Read More…

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