“You Will Never Be Poor Again” I START DOING THIS TODAY

We’ll look at exactly what Crypto millionaires do, 99% of crypto investors, And explain why these strategies are so effective. How you can manage your crypto assets just like the top investors.

One of the most important skill sets that crypto whales have is identifying trends before anyone else. While I believe that crypto-assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum will grow massively over the coming years.

The problem is that they have already been around for years and while there are still good deals. They are still good deals because the majority of people haven’t invested in them yet.

Everyone has already heard about them, which means the opportunity isn’t as good as they used to be. The crypto whales of today were investing in Bitcoin and Ethereum back when they were just getting started, and no one knew about them.

And while this certainly leads to higher risk, it also creates the opportunity to make hundreds of thousands of percent.

That’s why the biggest key to making crazy returns is to invest in smaller projects that no one knows about yet.

The biggest problem is that there are thousands and thousands of these projects available to choose from, and picking the right ones is crucial.

That’s why it’s important to know what exactly to look for to find the next big altcoin.

Social Media

So now the best strategies to use to be able to find these all coins. Social media is one of the easier places to look that won’t be that intimidating for new investors.

While you have to do your due diligence and make sure you’re not getting the rug pulled or on the worst side of a pump and dump. Using correctly, social media can be a powerful research tool to understand what is going on before the average investor.

Twitter and Reddit are particularly useful for this purpose as the communities of these sites tend to be more knowledgeable.

Following accounts that are putting out research and have a consistent track record can be a great way to get started because you can get an idea of the types of hot projects by seeing the pattern of previous winners.

It’s important not just blindly follow any influencer promoting anything. Always do your research to minimize the chance of being scammed.

Reddit cryptocurrency can also be a great resource to get ideas when you’re just getting started.

Launchpads can also be a great way to find new upcoming projects and potentially invested them at a fraction of the cost of what they are when they go on the public market. A small percentage of the coin supply is sold at a big discount.

For example, when Cardstarter had two private sale rounds, investors could purchase cards for 10 cents in the first round and 15 cents in the second round.

Even during the market crash, this is still a return of over 100 x, and at the peak, it was a return of over 800x. So just investing a thousand dollars in that alone would almost be enough to get to a million dollars.

Every smart contract platform will have its launch pads to introduce projects to the network. For example, Cardano has Cardstarter, Polkadot has Polkastarter, and the binance smart chain has the binance launchpad.

Even if you can’t get in as an early investor, watching these projects like a hawk, doing your due diligence, and then verifying interest in these projects on social media. Read More…

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