When ADA Bull Run Will Start?

The Alonzo main net successfully launched on Cardano a few days ago. This means that smart contracts can now run on Cardano.

This article is a quick Cardano update where we quickly look at what happened during the last few hours and what we can expect to move forward.

So we’ll look at what Iohk, the company behind and Cardano, said about the Alonzo mainnet upgrade, and we’ll look at what they say about the future.

We’ll also quickly look at the price development of Cardano and of the crypto market in total so you can see what’s going on there as well.

Alonzo Lunch

This is iohk’s uh tweet that said the upgrade was successful, which was just after the Alonzo upgrade.

Then they also say that we’re still really early, with exciting times ahead, and they have actually posted a blog post about what to expect next.

İn this article again, they mentioned that we’re still super early, and they’re also trying to manage expectations.

So they said:

“Okay, we need to be clear. Here will be bumps on the way, user experiences at might not be super, some of the dapps will may have some issues.” Here they expect some accidents and warning us to not to expect alot in the first few days. So we need to be patient.

“We are going to see some perfect development teams and also some poor teams as well, this is a permissionless decentralized blockchain, and this is inevitable.” And that’s why they also encourage us always to do our own research. What I always say as well.

Before we get to that, they also mentioned that they think;

“Certification needs to be taken into account much more seriously in the summit. We’ll announce plans on how along with a number of strategic partners will be supporting the creation of new standards solution.”

Cardano summit will come up on the 25th-26th of September. So they’ll announce plans for certifications on there as well. So this will be pretty exciting. Probably this will be the biggest summit they’ve ever had. So I’m expecting that they will have a few interesting announcements there, I suppose. And this is particularly important because they expect that there will be more FUD to come. Read More…

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