How Much Would You Earn If You Invest 10 Usd Every Week Into SOLANA ( $SOL )

Earning 5X only 10 USD SOL Investment in a Week. Solana is a gem, hiding in plain sight, and you don’t want to miss out.

Function: What Does Solana Do?

Solana is a programmable secure smart contract-based layer blockchain that enables dapps or decentralized applications.

It runs on a proof-of-stake and proof of history network where proof of history is really what makes Solana tick.

And most generally can be described as a technique for keeping time between computers that do not trust one another, a needed factor for scaling to tens of thousands of transactions per second.

Solana solves the trilemma where a developer does not need to choose between security scale and decentralization. And does not require sharding or layer two solutions to scale.

Solana Competition & Strategic Advantage

Solana competes with many other smart contracts enabling blockchains such as ethereum, Cardano, Polkadot. Avalanche and on and on and on. İt just keeps going.

But what differentiates Solana and what gives it that metaphorical moat is that it is one of the fastest, most scalable blockchains in existence without the need for sharding or layer 2 solutions.

With a theoretical transaction per the second count of 50 000 Tps. It is truly only limited by the hardware it runs on the network at an average of 800 milliseconds per block with an average fee per transaction of 0.00025 dollars per transaction.

And they have about 1200 nodes securing the network currently.

Growth Potential

Solana has exploded out of the gates in 2021 to become a top 20 crypto literally made their main net just launched at the end of 2020, and they’ve really really done well for themselves.

So back in April, they had 125 entities in the Solana ecosystem, then fast forward three months, and they are at more than 250 entities.

That is an amazing growth of 2x over three months of like applications or entities interacting with the Solana ecosystem that is an amazing growth story right there.

In my opinion, Solana’s potential is limitless and could penetrate so many different market segments in the real world outside of just crypto.

Solana Growth Risks

With the good comes the bad now. But, first, let’s talk about the risks to Solana’s growth potential.

Number 1

one is that Solana is a relatively young blockchain that has yet to prove itself long-term. It’s only been mainnet ready for about six to about nine months. So it’s very, very young.

Number 2

It is probably the biggest downfall, and the biggest complaint most people have about the Solana is the cost to run a validator node is very, very expensive. Read More…

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