Warning To All Crypto Holders. Now I Am Investing More. Why And What I Am Buying?

What I am Buying Now. Don’t Panic. Buy More. My List.

The market right now for cryptocurrency is dip really heavy dip

Bitcoin dropped.

Cardano dropped.

Ethereum dropped.

Even Solana dropped.

And i think it is a great opportunity to buy. Personally, I am buying this really dip. Today I will share my portfolio and show you what I already bought it.

None of these are financial advice always and we never know with 100%certainty in which direction it will go. Do your own research and never invest any money that you cant afford.

Because this is a crypto market and there is volatility always. Red days like these always tend to make us a little more fearful than necessary, yes. Today is a big opportunity to buy from many coins.

I will list my tops. There is always opportunity in the crypto market. There will be in the future or tomorrow or after one hour. But for me, these numbers I see in the market is looking very good.

Most of the coins are quite far away from their recent all-time highs. So what apparently happened is one that one of china’s biggest real estate companies has been unable to pay their debts. All red days starting with this news.

Why Crash Again?

Now the question is can the economy bear that again. We’ll have to see if that even happens, but that’s one way to save the market from a total crash, basically.

What’s interesting is that we have no idea how the cryptocurrency market will react to this macro market situation.

Because what’s happened so far is that since 2008 the stock market, such as well as the real estate and also precious metal market markets, have been on a surge basically, there hasn’t been any majör crash and so we don’t know how crypto will react to that.

There are two possible scenarios. One is that once the stock market crashes, everything else was crashed as well, including cryptos.

The other possible scenario is that this will result in a pump. İn a major pump in the crypto market. And probably especially bitcoin first of all, and then we will flow into all coins.

So we don’t know in which direction the market will go next, and most investors being retail or whales, seem to be unsure about it.

Btc Out Of Coin Base Wallet

Also, there is news that says bitcoin will go out of coinbase wallets in 2021. What usually happens is that when BTC goes out of exchanges, it means that whales want to hold or any BTC holders basically want to hold their coins they don’t want to sell or short it.

Once you have an inflow into exchanges, that means that people want to sell their BTC. So the first is rather bullish. The second is rather bearish.

İn here we have both scenarios, so we have a scenario where BTC is leaving one exchange’s wallet so coinbase. But it is going on to other exchanges wallets.

There is really indecisiveness. On the one hand, there are outflows registered on many more exchanges than there are inflows. So we have inflows on finance, and there are a bunch of exchanges we have outflows.

However, binance is much bigger than those other exchanges and is probably also one of the main ones where shorts are placed. So you can see it’s really we have both sides of the coins present here.

We have a bunch of information now that could have led to this drop. What I think is very important, though, is to keep the big picture in mind.

For one, we don’t know if there will be a stock or real estate market crash coming and if when that will be.

Next, we don’t know if the cryptocurrency markets will react the same way or whether it might result in a pump. So now, instead of freaking out over the smaller events over that news that have just come up.

You always need to keep in mind that mostly what people who react to news are mostly retail investors. And retail investors are not the ones who move the markets.

Whales and institutions and big investors are the ones who do. And they usually react in the exact opposite way of what retail investors do.

What is Big Picture Saying?

Let’s look at the bigger picture of what has been going on in those in those cycles in those bull markets of the past couple of years. So let’s look at the below picture.

You can see those three images, and the two on the left display the two recent bull markets, one in 2013 and one in 2017. And now the last picture shows the current bull market that we’re in.

And you can see in each of them there was a pretty deep dip or pretty steep correction in July.

The one in 2017 was a bit bigger than now. And then you can see after that there has been an accumulation phase where it’s been going up and down basically. Read More…