Cardano Millionaires Are Here

Here are the best projects that have the potential to make you millionaires.

Cardano has got dapps, wallets, games, swap protocols, lending protocols, and NFTs. All are coming to Cardano right now.

We have the opportunity to get in at the very beginning. So here are the best projects that have the potential to grow massively over the coming months as they launch and attract new users to Cardano.


They’re looking to launch in q3 2021. Right now and also looking to implement something called an erc20 bridge.

This is a way you can transfer assets from ethereum onto Cardano to trade them. As long as there are liquidity pools and trading pairs, of course, you’ll be able to do that.

You still have to pay ethereum fees to send your coins over to be converted. But if there are any big ethereum based coins with trading pairs on Adax, then you can send them over.

It’s definitely something to watch out for on Adax, but many other dexes that are looking to launch on Cardano and are looking to implement the same thing.

You can buy Adax through ex or markets, which I know isn’t a really familiar sounding exchange. But it’s there if you’re interested.

İf you have us dollar tether, you can trade that against Adax tokens, but there is an ada to Adax pair available as well.

The market cap for Adax right now is around 42 million dollars, which is tiny compared to popular dexes on other blockchains.

So if you believe that Adax will be a successful dex in the long term and get a lot of trading volume, then the probability of the market cap increasing significantly is higher.

There’s lots of execution risk for the dex team and lots of competition, too, but the opportunity is right there for them.


CNFT is much more like openc in that it wants to be just a marketplace for everyone to trade Cardano nfts. So İf you want to mint create or trade-in nft, this is the platform.

CNFT is the number one Cardano nft marketplace with around 20 million ada already spent on over 92 000 CNFTs since inception. So if you’re wondering where to get your first Cardano nft, this is really the place to go.

It launched in July without Cardano catalyst or venture capital funding, so they just launched it on their own. And you can get it CNFT token through the better dex swapping protocol on the website.

The minimum purchase is a thousand CNFTs which isn’t a lot as the exchange rate is currently 200 CNFTs to one ada. So that’s around five ada minimum purchase which is about ten bucks or so.

These CNFT tokens aren’t necessary, but in the future, they can be used to access exclusive projects on CNFT’s upcoming launchpad and special promotions, among other uses. Read More…