Cardano Benchmarks Against Major Projects. Don’t Miss Out

Here you can see the Cardano ADA benchmarks against some major coins. Especially smart contracts.

Cardano, my darling, reached the top 3rd marketcap among over 7K projects. Second biggest altcoin after Ethereum.

Moreover, ADA has huge competitors in market. Today, I prepared a benchmark according to market caps and actual coin prices. I will refer which coin has to pump so that it can reach the same market cap of Cardano and what’s their prices have to reach.

Let’s start with Cardano vs Ethereum and follow with other major projects. Especially smart contracts such as Polkadot, Solana, Avalanche, and so on.

Cardano vs Ethereum

Ethereum is the biggest altcoin and smart contract project in terms of $400B market cap and price is about $3,400, as well as Cardano $70B marketcap and $2.2 price. According to these values, Cardano price has to be $12.4 and pump 5.83x or 483%. I reckon that it is possible for Cardano

Solana vs Cardano

For now, Solana is the biggest competitor of Cardano by $49B market cap and $163 price.

In case of Solana reaches the same marketcap of Cardano, price of SOL has to pump $234 and that’s mean increase 1.46x or 50%. Yes, it seems no impossible when consider the most recent bull run of Solana.

Polkadot vs Cardano

Dr. Gavin Wood, who is founder of Polkadot and was one of the creators of Ethereum along with Vitalik Buterin and Charles Haskinson (IOHK and Cardano Founder). These trio compansate the crypto smart contract market. In 2020,Polkadot was biggest competitor of Cardano. Let’s see its benchmark too. Read More…