Can Polygon Reach $10 in 2021?

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Through some pretty interesting articles covering things like can, Polygon Matic reaches ten usd. Coinbase is scaling with Polygon and Polygons 35% loss in one day that happened during the crypto flash crash.

Polygon And Mina Protocol

Polygon and mina foundation working together to enable privacy-preserving applications on the Polygon network.

If you’ve never heard of what mina, it basically is, it’s basically like bitcoin. But a bitcoin that can scale.

Because it can process multiple transactions at a time. Multiple blocks at a time. And verifying blocks on mina is much faster than on bitcoin because all you need to do is actually verify the latest block in order to add it to the blockchain, which isn’t the same on bitcoin.

Because what happens in Mina it’s kind of like inception where if you verify the latest block, that autoMatically verifies the block before it. Because in order for the latest block to be valid, the last block has to be valid.

And because of this, Mina is as the lightest blockchain that has ever existed so far. The entire blockchain is just 22 kilobytes which is the size of a couple of tweets. And in addition to that, Mina also provides privacy and verifiability that is built right into the protocol.

So defi platforms requiring KYC or know your customer can pull information privately and securely using mina snaps. And nft builders who prefer to keep certain elements private can use mina to do this.

For example, they can use mina to achieve something like keeping ownership data private. Because if someone knows that you own the Monalisa and there’s only one, then probably going to come after your life.

Social media decentralized applications can also verify users without requiring them to share personal identifying information. And this is really powerful because working in conjunction with Polygon Polygon is onboarding millions and millions of people to web 3.0.

And just having that feature of privacy and security, which is very valued over in the west. So that’s a nice addition to Polygons infrastructure.

Polygon And Coinbase

Polygon is at rank 21, and the fully diluted valuation is 12 billion dollars while the total value locked is 8 billion.

Well, Polygon is pretty big in their space, and they have money they are going fast, and they’re the fastest-growing ethereum scaling solution with low gas fees.

And this will make coinbase even more competitive because the fees are really high most of the time for erc20 tokens on there or anywhere for that matter.

If you’re new to this, you may ask why does coinbase need to scale ethereum? And the response to that is because one of the biggest challenges for coinbase is high gas fees and long settlement times.

Because if you want your transaction to be made, you’ll have to pay a higher fee. Even for withdrawals and just having Polygon integrated with coinbase to scale ethereum for them would allow users to quickly and cheaply withdraw, for example.

Like many of my ethereum are left on exchanges that I bought after gas prices went crazy high.

Polygon and Ethereum

Polygon (Matic), an ethereum scalability solution and blockchain platform, has achieved an important milestone. For the first time in history, the total number of daily active addresses on Polygon exceeded that on ethereum.

Note that Polygon is not a competitor to ethereum. Instead, the Polygon blockchain is a protocol built to interconnect several ethereum compatible blockchains.

Thus, it aims to deploy a scalable solution on ethereum by creating a multi-chain ethereum ecosystem. Read More…