Major POLYGON News | FANTOM Pumps For DeFi | ANYSWAP Listing | CRO Blockchain Gold Mamber | ONERARE NFT Perks | AGORIC Coinlist

Another day another quiet crypto market.

· Polygon is poised for a huge 2022, according to an exclusive interview.

· strikes gold.

· Fantom is haunting Ethereum as one of its closest competitors.

· Our coin of the day has a new name. OneRare has a new NFT item on the menu for creators and influencers.

· Agoric brings us its public token sale.

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Market Wrap

As we wrap up 2021, the crypto market doesn’t want to straighten itself out. Bitcoin tumbles 6.8% to stay on the higher end of the $47,000 range, Ethereum is humming at just under 3,800 with no big gainers on the day. Just another quiet trading day, but it spells opportunity with prime buying prices.

Polygon 2022

Polygon is poised to have an incredible 2022. This month alone, the blockchain has invested a billion dollars in zk technology. Launched a 200 million dollar Web 3 social media project and just announced its blockchain and dApps integration on the Opera Browser.

The attention sparked an exclusive interview from Polygon co-founder Sandeep Nailwal with Cointelegraph, where the co-founder highlights how the network adoption is quickly growing thanks to the minimal gas prices and transaction speeds compared to Ethereum, and the fact that Polygon is already used by just about every DeFi app in Ethereum.

There are lots happening for Polygon and how Nailwal believes that Polygons capabilities will far surpass Ethereum’s incoming upgrades. SIBP Gold Member has made the gold standard in Singapore.T the crypto exchange is now a gold member of the SingaporeBblockchain Innovation Program (SIBP) and through this new partnership. will be helping to facilitate blockchain adoption in untapped business sectors. The SBIP is a project in collaboration with the National University of Singapore and is intended to improve blockchain technology throughout the country.

Fantom Spikes

Fantom has been having an incredible December. The Layer-1 blockchain has been notching gains like 70% in the last two weeks and 50% in the past seven days.

Where is this FTM pump coming from? Everyone seems to be looking for Ethereum alternatives, and Fantoms Layer-1 protocol is one of them. So far, dApps on the Fantom blockchain have locked in 5.6 billion dollars as of this morning, with the blockchain locking down 1.2 billion dollars in the past week. This is a pretty solid indicator of the demand that we could see for Layer 1 blockchains in 2022 as well as how Fantom can likely keep up with Ethereum’s leading competitors in Solana, Terra, and Avalanche. Are you keeping an eye on Layer-1s? Let me know in the comments.

Anyswap/Multichain Coin of the day

Even though Anyswap has dropped a huge name change to multi-chain, any tokens haven’t missed a beat and are the coin of the day. ANY tokens have taken a 4% hike after the recent listing on App and the Exchange, which means that ANY and usdt trading pairs are now available, and with the new name, we can expect to see MULTI tokens available in the near future.

On another note, multi-chain is ringing in the new year with a huge milestone of reaching a total volume transaction of 35 billion dollars. That’s a huge win for the Web 3 cross-chain protocol.