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ENJIN Ecosystem | ENJ, EFI, JumpNet, NFTs, Parachain, More…

NFTs and crypto gaming are everywhere right now, and they’re fueling a new and exciting sector that’s becoming ever harder to ignore but of all the flashy gaming, and NFT protocols out there Enjin is one that perhaps still hasn’t gained the traction many were hoping for so in my video today I’m going to […]

Major POLYGON News | FANTOM Pumps For DeFi | ANYSWAP Listing | CRO Blockchain Gold Mamber | ONERARE NFT Perks | AGORIC Coinlist

Another day another quiet crypto market. · Polygon is poised for a huge 2022, according to an exclusive interview. · Crypto.com strikes gold. · Fantom is haunting Ethereum as one of its closest competitors. · Our coin of the day has a new name. OneRare has a new NFT item on the menu for creators and influencers. · Agoric brings us its public token sale. […]

Top 10 Metaverse Projects

Metaverse that term it was coined by science fiction writer Neil Stephenson in his 1992 novel Snow Crash. If you’re a fan of Sci-Fi that probably rings a bell for you so that’s just a little bit of trivia right there. Here’s the big picture I believe that the crypto Metaverse will become a multi-billion dollar industry. It could honestly be worth that if […]

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